Guard Dog Home Alarm Review

How to Macgyver Your Own Guard Dog Home Alarm System

People that are planning on robbing or invading your home have certain techniques they use to accomplish their mission as safely as possible.  There are two basic rules a house thief will usually follow:

  1. They will know their target and the potential value of each break in. Common targets include money, jewelry, and drugs expensive electronic equipment.
  2. Not getting caught.

One common technique used to help scope out prime target homes is to knocking on your door. If there is no answer the thief will assume no one is home. They usually carry tools that will help them break into your home such as a heavy duty screwdriver. After they have confirmed (by knocking) the home is empty your least conspicuous window or door will be a likely target of the break in.

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Weekly Street Beat in Today’s World

Domestic Dispute Results in Woman Murdered- Orange County

I seem to always hear these stories about extremely violent crimes happening in this area.  Just recently I was reading a story about a woman that was stabbed to death numerous times.  It seems it was a domestic dispute and a result of a hot tempered husband. After he realized he had killed her he remained in the driveway right beside her until the authorities arrived. He was arrested without incident.

It really kind of makes you wonder what planet you’re on sometimes.  How can a situation like this get so out of control.  Nothing can be worth a life!
Full Story Here

Orange County Crime Map


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Company Home Protection Considerations

About Home-Alarm Companies

When you are choosing products from the home alarm companies there are a number of different buying considerations. For example you may want to have one company handle the complete process including monitoring. On the other hand, you may want to have a separate company monitor your home. Just remember the competition amongst home-alarm companies is more ferocious than ever. This can be only great news for the consumer and all the more reason to explore the features and benefits each alarm company brings to the table. Before selecting your home alarm company of choice be sure and draw an honest comparison between their product offerings. It is well worth the extra time you will spend.

Can You Count On A Home Security Company?

It is a question often asked in larger companies whether to hire their own internal security or bring in a security company. Recruitment of such people can sometimes be difficult because you may not fully understand what you require. That’s why a security company will likely be your best choice … first time up. You can use this relationship with your company of choice to learn what to look for. In the future, you may want to hire your own staff using this knowledge. Because security companies also have the unfortunate advantage of dealing with disastrous situations previously experience is also an asset. Security breaches can occur at any moment, you cannot predict when they’re going to happen. You can have say in the control you have over the situation by getting professionals that understand the business. They will help with firefighting and prevention in ways you probably could never have imagined.

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Home Invasion To Dos

Arm Yourself with Home Invasion Protection Knowledge

Although it seems like this will never happen to you, there are many things that you must consider first. In fact, many of the things that you’ll read about here are not discussed often. This is because people do not want to think about such a terrible thing happening in their lives. Unfortunately, it does happen … hopefully never to you! In this article I’m going to discuss ways to protect yourself and a more effective manner. Here are a few pointers to help get you sleep better at night and not worry about your home when you are not there.

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Home Security Complaint Statistics

Use The Engines to Get a Quick Read on Who is Naughty and Nice

Your home and your small business can’t safely run without taking security measures, and if you’re looking for a solution, there are many options that you can take advantage of. These suggestions may help you to find just the right home and business security service you’re looking for.

In case you are wondering why I am putting together all this cool information let me tell you…Part of the work I was doing prior to retirement was investigating legitimacy of online complaints posted in forums, complained boards, blogs, and web sites. The basic job functions I had included researching sources, interviewing company owners and sorting out the truth from lies. There are plenty of both in almost any vertical market in any industry sector.

Google Home Security Complaint Statistics

I learned that all companies with a strong online presence and decent market share suffer from negative press (complaints, accusations, and false claims). In some cases companies were definitely guilty of customer neglect in other cases, disgruntled employees or contractors were posting false information to damage company reputations. Here is a statistical complaint analysis of the four main home alarm companies.

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Security Alarm Company FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions When Choosing A Home Alarm

First, let me tell you I have narrowed it down to the top four home security systems providers.

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Home Alarm Company Price Review

Home Alarm Security Company Price Review

Of course the price you pay is going to play a role in your final decision making. What you are trying to determine is what home security system has the best value for you and your family.  What is within the prices you are quoted? Every smart consumer wants to hold an apple in each hand and draw a fair comparison.  What we sometimes learn is the cheapest price is not always the best option. If I said to you I would sell you a basket of oranges for $10.00 but if you pay an extra $1.00 I’ll give you a second one free, what would you say? Even though my price is $1.00 higher than my competitor I am offering you double the product.

Home-Security Providers Price Comparison Chart

Keyword researched home-security

I actually began my research with the largest home security provider in North America (ADT). They were in the number one position on Google.  I liked the look and feel of the web site as soon as I landed on it.

After searching around the site I wasn’t able to find clear explanation of ADT home-security pricing packages. The banner above reads $1.00 a day, yet after a bit of digging I learned the monthly rate is $42.99. Additionally, there is a $249.00 extra charge for Two-Way voice communication. This is an option I simply would not do without when it comes to home or business alarm security. I tried a couple of other related searches and ended up finding the information I needed to compile an accurate price comparison of the main players in home security online.

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Top 4 Home Security Companies BBB Ratings

How to Get the Highest Level of Home Security

By Russell Brown May, 2010

Comparing ADT, Brinks, AlarmForce, Voxcom & Vision

When is the last time you had one of those sleepless nights? You’ve got a really busy day tomorrow and went to bed early to rise and shine early. The problem is you have heard strange noises outside of your home and fear for your family safety. You have already called the police; they have checked your neighborhood and assure you it is safe. After the police leave you continue to hear the same noises. The thought crosses your mind that you are separated only by inferior locks on your doors. “What can I do to improve my feeling of safety at home?”

I thought I would take a little time on this post filling in some of the blanks that I know many of my previous customers had when deciding on a home security system. Whether you are a celebrity, government official, or happy family, feeling safe and secure in your own home is the most comforting feeling. During my days working as an insurance adjuster for vandalism, home break-ins, and business intrusions I have seen my share of good and bad security systems. I’m going to begin with my research conducted on the Internet. This research will help you form an educated opinion on the most suitable home alarm company for you. Having a distinct advantage of already knowing the home-security business I was able to quickly narrow it down to the most popular home alarm protection companies quickly. In my experience here are the five most common security alarm systems I have seen in action throughout the U.S. and Canada.

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