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High Crime in L.A.

Los Angeles California has a reputation for high crime. The murder rate is almost two times the national murder rate in the United States. In Los Angeles all alarms must be registered with the fire lawn police department.

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About Russ

Russell Brown- www.alarmsecurityreviews.com

Hi everybody! My name is Russell Brown- my closest friends call me Russ. I am actually enjoying my third year of retirement. The problem is I have never been able to relax in my life and after three years I’m finding it incredibly difficult to settle down.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I was born in Ireland May 13, 1942. When I was three years old our family migrated to United States. I can vaguely remember the long boat ride and arriving in our new homeland. We were a family of six; I had two older brothers and two sisters (one older and one younger). Shortly after we arrived my oldest brother joined the army … he was my hero.

Over the next few years our family settled very nicely in Canada. The time in my mind that really stands out was in grades six, sitting in my science class I can recall hearing the news we were entering the war in Vietnam to prevent communist takeover. This was significant to me because my brother had moved to the United States and was in the United States army. He was one of the first ones to officially to touch base on Vietnam soil. Unfortunately, my brother lost his life defending the U.S. but I remain proud of him to this day.

As I grew up, I really wanted to be just like my big brother. He was always very good at getting to the root of the problem and solving it. Sometimes he would spend days putting together pieces of a puzzle in his head that would eventually lead to placing everybody in their accountable positions. If you had any secrets you were trying to keep from my brother you can be sure he would uncover them. If he agreed with your hidden secret you would receive praise –if he disagreed you would receive a kick in the butt. The coolest thing I can remember about him is the ways he would show me to keep my secrets well protected and safe.

I did not completely follow in my brother’s footsteps by joining the army but I did pursue a career in security. Here are the bullet points of the different security related jobs I have done in my life.

  • Canadian immigration and border protection
  • United states coast guard- Petty Officer 2nd Class
  • Corporate Security Advisor Crime Prevention and Detection-strategic and tactical response to critical situations
  • Bodyguard for television celebrities and government officials
  • Remote viewing- determining group outcomes and theories. Part of the symposium on consciousness with the American Association/Advancement of Science
  • Home security supervisor- provide immediate risk assessment of personal and property threat, dispatch appropriate resources.
  • Insurance claims adjuster- in charge of team that investigates home and business break ins and subsequent damage

I also have provided plenty of freelance and volunteer help at charity events which required security. The last ten years of my career was spent investigating, assessing, and providing legal documentation of home and business invasions.

Since I have so much time on my hands now, I have decided to put together this blog to help you protect yourself better. I have seen my share of tragic situations including complete blasts that level buildings, vandalism, and break / enter into home / business environments, domestic disputes, water damage and so much more. In many of these cases the situation was preventable. That is exactly what I want to share with you now.

Like I said to you, most of these cases I investigated were completely preventable with simple home or business security protection. Depending on the location of your business the need for security will be more or less. Typically higher crime areas have a higher rate of home and business break and entering. Regardless of that, adding home or business security definitely provides a deterrent to prospective thieves and added protection to your most treasured belongings. Not to mention your quality of sleep will improve knowing you and your family are safe at home.

Working in the security business most of my life has made me realize certain key points about being in this industry

  • Partner with key people to truly assess risk in reaction
  • Security never stops, it is an ongoing effort
  • Appropriate tools are very helpful

You can put in a lot of hard work, time and effort only to find your security is compromised. This can pretty well put you right back to the drawing board. There are certain common reasons security is compromised.

  • Electronic hardware or software failure
  • Human miscalculations
  • Poor operating conditions
  • Intelligence and leaking

And then when you begin to harness technology the variables / risks are far greater (simply because there are more of them). A few of the common threats that exploit computer vulnerabilities include industrial espionage, competition’s secrets, mechanical failures, attacks from terrorism, human error, and financial attacks (Phishing). There are countless other ways to use technology and a computer as a weapon.

If you’re trying to keep up on the latest a good site to visit is CRN.com. Here you can learn the bullet points in online security and the newest security products. It is one of my favorite web sites to visit each day. For example, today a headline that caught my eye was…

Oops! Google’s Street View Accidentally Swipes Users’ Data

It turns out Google has publicly apologized after it was learned that the street views service obtained some users data transmitted by WIFI networks.

The engineering and creativity that people use on the Internet to break through security walls always amazes me. It seems today people are more interested in robbing you of your information instead of your personal belongings. How secure is that Internet connection on the computer that is infected? How safe is your online database? What do people do with the information you submit on their web sites? These are just a few questions that lead me to believe the bigger security threat for U.N. died today is your computer. This is especially applicable if you have a business on the Internet that depends on a database for critical information. Check out this web site of database breaches that have occurred over the last five years. It’s pretty frightening really because on databases you’ll often find information such as credit cards, names, expire a dates, addresses, phone numbers and any other information you include. Admittedly, I have not spent much time with computer and online security. That’s probably why I find it fascinating.

Most of the time I have spent in security was protecting people (celebrities) from harm. My services included not only personal protection but also recommendations for small lifestyle changes to reduce security risks. They didn’t always go over well but my job was to ensure 100% safety that included using other tools of the trade. Ensuring someone else’s personal safety has to be thought out carefully based on their lifestyle habits. The most common threats I dealt with included breach of confidentiality, fans stalking, bodily harm or assault, or kidnapping.

Well, that’s all I can tell you about me. The rest of this website is dedicated to you. After all of the nightmares I have witnessed in home security situations I want to share my experience and opinions so you can make educated decisions. Home security is not something you want to take a chance on. If you have seen what I have I know you would totally agree with me. Most of the worst situations I have ever seen were preventable a decent security system. On my website I am going to up you make the best decision for your unique situation.

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