Home Security Complaint Statistics

The Meaning of Security in Your Home

Home security systems are both affordable and provide a good sense of security. Once your home burglar alarms are activated they can contact the central headquarters immediately when your home has been breached. Security systems for your property are a small investment to make for increased family safety.

Use The Engines to Get a Quick Read on Who is Naughty and Nice

Your home and your small business can’t safely run without taking security measures, and if you’re looking for a solution, there are many options that you can take advantage of. These suggestions may help you to find just the right home and business security service you’re looking for.

In case you are wondering why I am putting together all this cool information let me tell you…Part of the work I was doing prior to retirement was investigating legitimacy of online complaints posted in forums, complained boards, blogs, and web sites. The basic job functions I had included researching sources, interviewing company owners and sorting out the truth from lies. There are plenty of both in almost any vertical market in any industry sector.

Google Home Security Complaint Statistics

I learned that all companies with a strong online presence and decent market share suffer from negative press (complaints, accusations, and false claims). In some cases companies were definitely guilty of customer neglect in other cases, disgruntled employees or contractors were posting false information to damage company reputations. Here is a statistical complaint analysis of the four main home alarm companies.

How to Measure Home Alarm Company Complaints

You can simply start by entering “complaints” at the end of your search phrase. This is how we started analyzing the legitimacy of complaints displayed on the Internet. Why not let the most advanced source of information on our planet to the digging for us? Below I am using “Phrase match” in Google search. This will narrow it down to more targeted results. We will use the numeric data that Google finds to draw a statistical comparison.

Home Alarm Companies Online Complaint Analysis

IMPORTANT NOTE: These statistics were gathered May 21, 2010. They will provide statistics that will be the starting point. We will regularly go back to “revisit” the exact same statistics, this way we will also see trends. Make note of the results before you click the links below. Google search is constantly refreshing and updating, check back here frequently to see quick (main 4) home security complaint analysis.

1) ADT Complaints
About 250 results (May 21, 2010)

2) Brinks Complaints
About 182 results (May 21, 2010)

3) Alarmforce Complaints
About 121 results (May 21, 2010)

4) Voxcom Complaints
4 results (May 21, 2010)

We can see the companies listed from most to least number of complaints. This is strictly a statistical comparison …all things being equal. There is absolutely no prejudice when using this method to quickly determine who has the most complaints from consumers. Whether these complaints are legitimate or not is another question that is only answered by your eyes only. You may even want to consider adding the above information to the BBB home alarm company listings to give you a stronger sense of true reputation.