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The Advantages of Wireless Home Security

Wireless home alarms require no hard wiring. Most of the wireless alarms for doors work on a closed circuit principle. When the door is open the circuit is broken and the alarm and is set off. It is a very simple and effective way of securing a dwelling with door entrances.

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Home Alarm Company Price Review

Home Alarm Security Company Price Review

Of course the price you pay is going to play a role in your final decision making. What you are trying to determine is what home security system has the best value for you and your family.  What is within the prices you are quoted? Every smart consumer wants to hold an apple in each hand and draw a fair comparison.  What we sometimes learn is the cheapest price is not always the best option. If I said to you I would sell you a basket of oranges for $10.00 but if you pay an extra $1.00 I’ll give you a second one free, what would you say? Even though my price is $1.00 higher than my competitor I am offering you double the product.

Home-Security Providers Price Comparison Chart

Keyword researched home-security

I actually began my research with the largest home security provider in North America (ADT). They were in the number one position on Google.  I liked the look and feel of the web site as soon as I landed on it.

After searching around the site I wasn’t able to find clear explanation of ADT home-security pricing packages. The banner above reads $1.00 a day, yet after a bit of digging I learned the monthly rate is $42.99. Additionally, there is a $249.00 extra charge for Two-Way voice communication. This is an option I simply would not do without when it comes to home or business alarm security. I tried a couple of other related searches and ended up finding the information I needed to compile an accurate price comparison of the main players in home security online.

Here’s the Price Comparison Facts

As of May 17, 2010

Voxcom AlarmForce Brinks ADT
Live voice response $4 Extra Per Month For Two-Way Standard Extra Extra
Down payment required $149 For Basic Install $0 $99 Installation For Hardwired System, $199 Fee For Wireless System $249 For Two-Way Voice
Monthly monitoring $30.95 $25 $33.99 $42.99
Warranty 12 Months free of defects Standard $5 Per Month Does Not Cover All Service! Charge Per Half Hour On Some Service Calls!

More on Voxcom

Out of the other three companies Voxcom is the smallest home security provider. Their market share is much smaller but they do have some specialized equipment that the others do not.

This is the Voxcom interactive projector. Although it does not directly relate to security- it is quite an amazing piece of technology. What this technology does is provide a touch screen on any surface. Once the image is projected onto a surface you can interact with the images by touching them. This is an extremely handy presentation tool because it serves two purposes; 1)  as a projector 2) an interactive whiteboard.

Pretty cool stuff!

More on AlarmForce

From a price standpoint AlarmForce appears to be leading the way. They are the most dominant player when it comes to live Two-Way voice communication. Their CEO, Joel Matlin is actively involved with public relations and advertising. In any of the television or radio advertising you will see Joel is the primary spokesperson for the AlarmForce product. In fact, his unique and pleasant demeanor has sparked comedy remakes in YouTube versions.

Alarm Squad (comedy short, TV version)

More on Brinks

Brinks are also known as Broadview Security. They rovide home security systems and transportation with cash logistics. Over the last one year it seems the brinks market share has decreased. This is based on a number of tests I conducted comparing them to ADT. One of the tests included using a web site which allows you to observe the volume of traffic that has been visiting websites. Here’s the comparison between Brinks and ADT.

You can see that both ADT and brinks have dropped in volume of unique visitors. Brinks have endured the highest decrease in web site visitors. Over the last year I have noticed a significant increase in home Security- complaints directed at this company (Broadview Security). Although there are several complaints against this company my experience has been very good with them, especially with custom installations.

More on ADT

ATT is the largest home security provider in North America. They also have a large affiliate network of businesses that resell their security systems. The brink said some includes components such as high decibel alarm siren, backup batteries source, three points of protection, remote keychain access, motion detectors for interior with infrared vision, and a digital keypad. The hardware and system works efficiently but I have heard many complaints about customer satisfaction and contract issues. This system does not include live voice communication but as offer a pretty sound degree of home protection.

Here is a Cool ADT Product

Positioner Manual Rotation Stage ADT-80

The Conclusion

If you’re looking for a diverse range of security products I found that ADT and Brinks have the widest range of offerings. I’ve shown you a couple of examples above but if you really want to look at what other Security- related products are offered by these companies I recommend you visit their website. You may be somebody that makes your decisions solely on price alone. If that describes you, the AlarmForce product is the best price. They also offer other products such as Alarmcare. This alarm Security company seems to be the most focused company on building alarm Security and have the highest Better Business Bureau Rating.

Hopefully I’ve helped give you the legs you need to walk forward into an educated purchase. It’s not easy sorting through all of the information you find on the Internet for what matters to you the most. Once you do find the information you need you’ve got to make the final decision and that is not always done based on price alone.

Famous Quote

We continue to recognize the greater ability of some to earn more than others. But we do assert that the ambition of the individual to obtain for him a proper security is an ambition to be preferred to the appetite for great wealth and great power
by Franklin D. Roosevelt
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