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Inspect and Maintain

t is important to realize that your home security alarm system will need regular inspection and maintenance. Your security provider should check surveillance cameras, batteries, closer circuits, and keypads to ensure they are working 100% correctly.

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Home Invasion To Dos

Arm Yourself with Home Invasion Protection Knowledge

Although it seems like this will never happen to you, there are many things that you must consider first. In fact, many of the things that you’ll read about here are not discussed often. This is because people do not want to think about such a terrible thing happening in their lives. Unfortunately, it does happen … hopefully never to you! In this article I’m going to discuss ways to protect yourself and a more effective manner. Here are a few pointers to help get you sleep better at night and not worry about your home when you are not there.

Definition of Home Invasion

When your home has been entered without your permission by a criminal or criminals your home has been invaded. You may be present at the time or you may not be present. Either way the perpetrators are generally violent and are there to rob your home. In some cases the intention or intentions may also include sexual assault, kidnapping, robbery, physical harm and murder (in a small percentage of cases). Because this is not a crime in the United States there are not many crime statistics.

Here is an example home invasion story from Honolulu Hawaii about an elderly woman that was killed during a home invasion. It is a terrible story about an elderly patient and her caregiver who were almost beaten beyond recognition by two young punks (19 & 21 years of age).

Other terms that also define home invasion include:

  • Burglary striking an occupied residence
  • Burglary of occupied homes
  • Hot burglary

Home Invasion Statistics

I have read through a number of the most reliable sources online to determine what I feel are the most important home invasion statistics for the homeowner. Statistics are difficult to come by because it’s not a crime. In general, home invasions have been increasing since 1995. According to most of the information I read, crimes that relate to property invasion occur every three seconds. In a number of other reliable sources I learned that every two minutes someone is raped. Within the USA every five houses will have one that is a victim of a home invasion. Within in the country I live in (Canada) there are almost 300,000 illegal home invasions every year.

If you are a victim of burglary striking an occupied residence, you’ll want to quickly determine what they want (intentions). Try to remain calm, do not resist, and show them you are willing to comply with their demands. If their demands can be easily met and do not involve physical harm to you please give them what they want. Everything you own can be replaced except your life.

Home Invasion Access Points and Techniques

Because home invasions can occur while the home is not occupied or occupied techniques and access points vary.

Occupied Residence Scenario

It’s a difficult question to ask you but try and put yourself in the shoes of somebody that has had to deal with a home invasion. What would you really do? Would you yell and scream or perhaps aggressively attack? Would you comply with demands? Hopefully you never put yourself in this situation. If the residence is occupied, some of the common entry scenarios include…

  • A person posing as an authority such as police.
  • A preliminary phone call made informing the homeowner a repairman will be showing up soon.
  • A violent criminal that immediately forces open the door as you answer it
  • Someone knocks at your door and claims that you have won a prize to claim
  • People that impersonate charity organizations in an attempt to make you show them where your money is.
  • A total stranger Knox at your door claiming it is an emergency. They may ask to use your bathroom or telephone.

Unoccupied Residence Scenario

You may be at work, play or just out somewhere and nobody is at your home. When your home is empty and an intruder enters here are the most common ways a home invasion criminal uses to enter your home…

  1. Prying open the door lock on side entrances
  2. Breaking windows
  3. Climbing on the roof to an open window
  4. Gaining access to a key that opens the door
  5. Through an unlocked garage

Avoid a Home Invasion Nightmare

Hopefully you have read my tips above, maybe even a couple times over. The chances are this will never happen to you. That’s the good news! The bad news is you will more than likely know somebody (if it’s not you) that this is will happen to. In any case it is a nightmare, one you’ll never forget. I know because I have been there, luckily my home was empty when it happened. I only lost valuable items such as jewelry, money and an old stamp collection. I can never forget the feeling of privacy invasion. The number one step you can take to avoid having to live through this nightmare is securing your home.

Home Invasion Safety Ideas

You and your family have just arrived home after a two week vacation. It was a fantastic time and everybody is happy and very relaxed. You arrive in your driveway and quickly start unpacking all your cool vacation stuff. Mom walks up the front porch and to the front door with her key in hand and opens the door. The moment the door opens is a moment you will not forget for the rest of your life. Your home is visibly vandalized and obvious contents are missing. Your heart starts pounding as reality sets in. You have been a victim of home invasion. After all the dust settles you begin to wonder if there’s anything you could have done to prevent this from happening.

  • Insure you have a quality home security system.
  • Have the extra panic buttons strategically placed in other areas of your home that can be easily activated and not easily visually detected.
  • Make sure all entry points to the home such as windows, doors and garages are secured.
  • If someone knocks at the door make sure they are expected or they simply cannot enter your home without proper authority documentation.
  • If someone knocks at your door a security chain will not prevent forcible entry.
  • Any unexpected deliveries must be verified before you can accept them. Ask for way bill documentation and phone the courier company first.
  • Install a peephole with wide angle viewing capability in your front door
  • Install a small pinhead camera outside your home so you can see who is at your front door (recorded)
  • Never leave spare keys outside of your home hidden for other family members
  • When leaving on vacation for long periods of time ask a trustworthy neighbor if they can collect your mail.
  • Have regular inspections done of your home security system to ensure 100% functionality. (Backup batteries, motion detectors, etc)
  • If you have been the unfortunate victim of a home intrusion try to remember distinguishing points about the intruders that can be later communicated to the authorities. E.g. facial features, behaviors, car, license number.

Home Invasion Stories

Stories of home invasions are unfortunately on the rise. There’s no real shortage of them, documentation of cases we find online may very well be where we find the best statistical data. As much as data is a vital part of statistics the emotional toll this takes on victims is incredible. If you are having difficulty putting yourself or someone else in this very stressful situation here’s a home invasion video to give you an idea of the stress and trauma.

Here are a few popular stories on current home invasions.

Enjoy Life and be Safe

If you’re considering getting protection for your home or small business, this information will definitely help you to be more organized in getting safety in place for you and your family. If you suspect that your home or a neighbors has been cased out by would be burglars there are several options you can now take advantage of. Do yourself a favor and feel the most comfortable you have ever felt in your life by taking simple little steps to cover the bases. Don’t get all bent up about it, just take the action you need to take to feel secure.

Be safe!


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