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High Crime in L.A.

Los Angeles California has a reputation for high crime. The murder rate is almost two times the national murder rate in the United States. In Los Angeles all alarms must be registered with the fire lawn police department.

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Guard Dog Home Alarm Review

How to Macgyver Your Own Guard Dog Home Alarm System

People that are planning on robbing or invading your home have certain techniques they use to accomplish their mission as safely as possible.  There are two basic rules a house thief will usually follow:

  1. They will know their target and the potential value of each break in. Common targets include money, jewelry, and drugs expensive electronic equipment.
  2. Not getting caught.

One common technique used to help scope out prime target homes is to knocking on your door. If there is no answer the thief will assume no one is home. They usually carry tools that will help them break into your home such as a heavy duty screwdriver. After they have confirmed (by knocking) the home is empty your least conspicuous window or door will be a likely target of the break in.

Let’s stop and think a moment . . . Why not backup one step to place the robber back at your front door? What if the home invader rang your doorbell and heard the sound of a vicious dog? If you have the real thing that’s great! That is often the one deterrent that a home robber does not want to deal with. Because this person is at the point where they are qualifying their prospect (so to speak) the sound of a big scary dog is almost 100% effective in all surveys conducted. Whether you have a big dog or not does not really matter. It just has to sound that way.

Are you getting the idea? Suppose you are not a dog fan. There is a very inexpensive dog burglar alarm that can be electronically simulated with inexpensive electronic components. In other words you can put this all together yourself with a little bit of understanding in electronics. The electrical components you will require to build your own home dog guard system are listed below.

Parts Required To Build Your Own Home Alarm System

3 components are included in creating a small circuit

  1. A twelve volt relay
  2. 50 volt rectifier
  3. Diode

Other A Items You Will Also Need

  1. Audio cables
  2. Recording module with playback button
  3. Zip ties
  4. Transmitter and receiver
  5. Sound recording of a vicious dog

I learned this today while sipping on a coffee watching videos on YouTube.

Thanks to the fine folks at kipkay for this great video.

The big thing to remember is to feed Rufus when you come home after a hard day’s work to relax. He works hard for you everyday :-) .

I recommend this system for those that want a level up on what you have in place already. My preference would be that you actually have a big dog, but if that’s not for you this is an inexpensive alternative to monthly fees and long term home alarm contracts.

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