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Motion detectors work on the principle of sending ultrasound waves to their immediate surroundings. They provide complete coverage throughout your home and often include monitoring other areas besides just main doorways.

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Weekly Street Beat in Today’s World

Domestic Dispute Results in Woman Murdered- Orange County

I seem to always hear these stories about extremely violent crimes happening in this area.  Just recently I was reading a story about a woman that was stabbed to death numerous times.  It seems it was a domestic dispute and a result of a hot tempered husband. After he realized he had killed her he remained in the driveway right beside her until the authorities arrived. He was arrested without incident.

It really kind of makes you wonder what planet you’re on sometimes.  How can a situation like this get so out of control.  Nothing can be worth a life!
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80 year old Man Stands up to Thug in Home Invasion

In a home invasion that recently occurred a street thug severely underestimated his target. An armed robber entered an 80 year old man’s home armed and dangerous. Little did he know the old man was an army vet. The old man shot the suspect dead and did what he had to do.

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Home Hardware in Soquel Robbed at Gunpoint For $300

It took a full evacuation of a home hardware store located in Soquel in an attempt to locate the robbery suspects. Even after the evacuation and police dogs no suspects were found.  The home hardware store had been robbed by two suspects at approximately 5:00 PM yesterday. Their big take was $300.00.

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Boats on US Mexico Border are Threatened by Pirates

A small lake in Mexico known as Falcon Lake attracts tourists in as a great vacation spot. It is well known and popular for its recreational activities like fishing and water skiing. A couple of times over the last few weeks’ fishermen have been robbed by pirates. These pirates use guns and are thought to be outcasts of rival Mexican gangs that sell drugs. Many people in this area are a little tense. People like Jack Cox are now packing iron when they sleep that night. Many others are also following suit in anticipation of having to defend themselves from these Mexican pirates.

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Police Seek two Men Involved in Redlands Home Invasion

Two men forced their way into a home occupied by an elderly couple. The woman was in his late sixties and the man was about 70 years old. They were both bound and gagged by the robbers were thought to be in their teens or perhaps early twenties. They stole cash, firearms and a pistol. They remain at large and the Redlands authorities would appreciate any tips or help they can get identifying the scum bags.

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21 Year Old Student Killed Over Purse Robbery

It happened a couple of days ago. This 21 year old student was working till about 1:50 AM. Her and her friend were on the way to a IHOP when a car pulled up. There was many people in the car and they began to talk. After a short conversation one of the people in the car grabbed her purse and the car drove away. She was dragged for approximately 20ft. She died in the hospital a number of hours later. The assailants have not been caught.

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