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Who Are The Main Alarm Security Systems Players?

The next time you are out shopping at your local grocery store think to yourself when you make buying decisions on certain products. For example, I am totally convinced bounty paper towels are the greatest! I simply will not settle for anything less. When I buy Ketchup it has to be Heinz, store brand just does not cut it. If you want to batten down the hatches with some of your properties, I strongly suggest you look for bounty or Heinz products. In other words, for your own protection and safety, you want the best with a proven track record.

Without further ADO let me introduce you to the four main premium brands of home security alarm systems in North America.

Security Home Alarm 4 Main Players (In Order)

ADT Security History

Tagline: Always there

Link to ADT History

ADT is one of the oldest security companies in North America. Their business began in 1874 and was known as the American district telegraph (ADT). In the late eighteen hundred’s ADT’s main product focus was on call boxes or electric signal devices. These devices accounted for over 70% of ADT’s revenue. In the early nineteen hundreds this company made its largest progression in security advancements. In the nineteen forties (war years) they developed automated security systems. In 1974 their 100th year anniversary celebrates the birth of microcomputer based security process is that we use today. In the nineteen nineties ADT celebrates its milestone of 1,000,000 customers.

Brinks Security History

Tagline: A global leader in business and security services

Link to Brinks History

The brinks journey began in 1959 by Perry brink. Paris started a cartage business in Chicago. Brinks now are a security company that specializes in cash logistics (transportation of cash) and management. Broadview security incorporated is a brinks company that focuses on home and business security alarm systems in Canada in United States.  Brinks currently have over 50,000 employees worldwide they are a world leader in security services for business.

Alarmforce Security History

Tagline: Protecting over 150 people across North America with live 2-way voice security

Link to AlarmForce History

AlarmForce is a manufacturer and installer of home and business live 2-way voice systems. They are located in Toronto on Canada. Alarm Force provide services for both commercial and residential clientele. This Canadian company was  founded by Joel Matlin in 1988. He is the current acting president and person that you will hear on the radio or see on TV in advertisements. AlarmForce has other products they also develop such as AlarmCare.

Voxcom Security History

Tagline: New Name… Same Trusted Company!

Link to Voxcom History

Voxcom began its business journey in 1989, with another division in Canada known as LifeCall. This company had the signing of an exciting deal May 13 1997 with Home Hardware. At the time of this writing Voxcom has the smallest market share in the home and business security market sector. They are growing rapidly and currently serve over 122,000 locations in Canada.

Wrap Up

Now we have a brief description behind each company name which kind of gives us a face to look at. If you have had experience with any one of these companies, for better or worse, make your opinion count. To keep it simple, I am asking you to make one of two choices; “they rock” or “they suck”.

Thank you for sharing your opinions and views. They are valued by me another readers of this material.

Be safe!

Russell Brown

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