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Why Have A Home Alarm?

Home alarms do not prevent break-ins but they are an effective deterrent. The moment someone tries to break into your home they are usually driven away by the acknowledgement of an alarm sound. This alarm can be extremely loud or live two way voice communication.

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Please, only post reviews if you are a current user with these security companies or have been in the past. We strive to make this information as accurate as possible.

True Lies

It breaks my heart sometimes to know that people waste their negative energy on revenge. They say that revenge is sweet but it is very bitter when it is you that must expend energy to make good on that promise of pay back. I have always had the model “if I can say anything good – I say nothing at all”.  I have observed a trend that is at an all time high right now. There is more negative press than you can shake a stick at online, often created by people with the word “payback” in mind. Why do I care about what other people say?

Consumers Are Not Getting the Truth

I like to first understand the social dynamics of any situation that has resulted in negative public opinion. For example, in the home security business (this applies to any industry sector) there are certain companies which have a greater market share. With that in mind, it would make sense that those same companies have probably pissed off a few customers. Sometimes people forget that we are in an imperfect world that tries so hard to be perfect. With all these computers and technology why can’t every day be a perfect day? For the realist that is reading my rant you’ll understand exactly what I’m saying. Even the largest fortune 500 companies make mistakes. Take a close look at your bank statement and chances are you’ll find a mistake there to. I hope we can agree that no individual or company is perfect. We all make mistakes, that’s a fact! Human beings do not judge other human beings by mistakes they make. Judgment is almost always formed on the way we deal with cleaning up our messes (mistakes).  In my opinion every person and company should be given ample opportunity to correct their wrongdoing before any judgment is formed.

The Integrity of Customer Reviews Online

As a consumer we deserve to know the truth about any company, business or person we are considering using. That means we’re going to pay our hard earned money to commission or hire an outside source to make our life easier. Like any smart consumer you’ll want to do a little bit of research before tying the knot. In most cases you will turn to the Internet and try to find all good and bad information you can. It makes sense to me, but how true is the information you are reading? If you are going to base a very important decision on the research you are collecting you’ve got to be fair to yourself and understand that not all comments and complaints are real.

Why Would Anyone Lie Or Attempt To Destroy A Company’s Good Reputation?

I’m going to tell you a true story about something that happened to me while working for a large insurance company as a claims adjuster.

I got the call at about 2:00 Tuesday afternoon to appraise the home break in. My dispatcher had made a point of saying this particular vandalism was extreme. A couple of hours later I arrived at the scene of a home in North York (Toronto). As I drove up I could see the police were still present talking with the home owners on the front porch. After parking my car I walked up to the front of the home, introduced myself and asked if it would be OK to take a look around the inside of the house. As soon as I walked in I could see the home was protected with a home alarm. “Can you please tell me about the response time to the home alarm?” I asked the homeowner. She responded “For some reason the alarm did not work”. I asked if it was set before everyone left the building and she said it was. It appeared to me the home alarm system had malfunctioned or the perpetrators were familiar with ways to disarm the system.

I won’t bore you with all the details but over the next short time it was discovered the home alarm system malfunctioned due to power fluctuations and outages. There was battery  backup in place but the batteries had not been maintained and were dead. With this home alarm it is written in the contract that the company must maintain all components of the security system. Upon further investigation it was learned the fault was that of a contractor that was used by the company to provide installation and maintenance. So now the contractor is on the hock for damages which in this case we’re around $143,762.00. Luckily the contractor had independent insurance which did cover the claim.

Let the Feuding Begin

This contractor was the highest volume contractor for this particular home alarm company. When the company did its own investigation they concluded the contractor was at fault which resulted in a terminated relationship (let go). This particular contractor was not impressed with the consequence and decided to seek vengeance. He was very angry and was going to make good on his promise to strike back for a wrong dismissal.

What Course of Action Would he Take?

You guessed it, the Internet! The Internet is the easiest place to remain faceless and say slanderous comments out loud. Who cares, nobody knows who you really are? So in this case, the course of action he took was hiring a group of people to make false accusations and claims on many of the complaint and review boards online. Comments such as “Awful service!! They ripped me off. They will rob you blind. They are thieves! ”… blah blah blah.

I Can’t Stand Liars I Want The Truth

Don’t misunderstand me, as a consumer we have the absolute right to know these terrible things about business dealings we may have with the same people. Consumer reviews are great and absolutely help teach us when it comes to making an educated buying decision. The opposite is true if you are reading bogus information though. And there is a lot of it out there specifically created to destroy reputations and not help consumer awareness. This is the double edge sword that we must be aware of when reading consumer reviews. We must also take into account some people really are stupid. I am sorry; I don’t mean to offend anyone including myself. Most of the home security related complaints I read that appear legitimate complain about “I am not able to get out of the contract”. If you think about that, it really is that person’s problem for not reading the contract in the first place.

Mission Statement

I’m going to dedicate an entire section of this website to the truth and honesty of buying a home alarm system. This is because I have found a lot of trash on the Internet that I believed to be true and false. I am retired now and really have no “buy in” to do this other than passion for the industry. When I complete my analysis and report I hope to give you a more realistic view of the top for security companies in North America ADT, AlarmForce, Voxcom, and Brinks. They all have plenty of bad press on the Internet yet they continue to provide millions of homes and businesses with sound security solutions. What I’m going to do here is attempt to filter and distill negative complaints into meaningful, consumer rich data that has no emotion… just the truth!

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