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Renting or Buying You Need a Home Security System

Alarms for your home can benefit more than just the homeowner. People that rent homes can also benefit. Whether you rent or own, home carbon monoxide filters are also highly recommended. Both home alarm systems and carbon monoxide filters are low maintenance and will almost always prove their value at some point in your life.

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15 Ways Protect Yourself

Add Your Own Home Security Protection

The need for security protection in your home will increase and decrease depending on the surrounding population. Some areas have higher crime rates where home break ins are more prominent, consequently the homes in these areas will need more ways of deterring would-be robbers or thieves. Most of the home break ins that occur are not random; they are well planned and researched.

My Favorite Ways to Deter Thieves

Without any large investment there are proven methods used by home &  business owners that serve as great deterrents. Here are my top twenty ways to make a prospecting criminal casing out your property turn away and run.

  1. Outdoor motion sensor security lights –although they don’t completely stop the perpetrator no criminal likes to be identified. Strong security lights that are triggered by motion detectors definitely help reduce the chances of a home break in.
  2. A big dog like a Rottweiler –if there’s one thing I’ve learned in security almost all people are fearful of big dogs. Breeds such as Rottweilers, German shepherds, boxers, Rhodesian Ridgebacks are known as great security and protection dogs. They are my personal favorite for home security.
  3. Check condition of  locks – you’ll want to do a walk around and check all windows to ensure latches function correctly. If they do not seat in the locked position you may need a bit of penetrating oil. Also inspect all door locks in a similar fashion making sure they are secured.
  4. Deadbolt locks –on main entrance doors install deadbolt locks. Professional thieves understand deadbolt locks are the most difficult to pick and provide the greatest door security.
  5. Restoration and repair –when you did your walk around and checked windows that had existing locks for functionality, what other locks were completely insecure? It’s time to go to your local home depot and purchase window locks for those windows.
  6. Purchase a small wireless security camera –there are some pretty cool things you can do with these cameras in your home when you are not there. I will let you do the discovery here because there are a lot of products out there. Enter the phrase “wireless security camera” into Google and you’ll see exactly what I mean
  7. Display prominent security labels in windows –if you have an alarm system make sure your intruder understands you do. Someone that is going to rob your house will usually observe that sticker on your windows and move along to the next house. Dare I say, do this even if you don’t have the security system.
  8. Have a security system installed-  It doesn’t really matter how much it costs. Studies have shown that homes with any kind of security are up to three times less likely to be a target of the home intrusion.
  9. Pay close attention to ground floor entrance points- ground floor entrances like doors and windows are where most illegal home entries begin.
  10. Secure outdoor garages and sheds-sometimes people forget about the garage or the shed out back. They’re also easy targets of burglars, especially if they have previously observed valuable items. I recommend a good old fashioned deadbolt locking system
  11. Leave a light on- if you’re going away for a short while leave the light on in your main room so people will think you are home.
  12. Don’t let mail collect –if you are going away for a few days or on holidays ask one of your neighbors if they would mind collecting your mail. People that are looking for homes to rob see cluttered mailboxes as primary targets.
  13. Added security for important rooms –have at least one or maybe two rooms in your home that are safe rooms. Your own room is a good example. If you hear someone enter your home late at night you can’t lock your own door which will give you enough time to contact the authorities.
  14. Fully charged cell phone –in case your phone lines are disabled you’ll still have a method to contact the authorities if someone has broken into your home.
  15. Never leave the key in the mailbox – I know this one sounds silly but people still do this and burglars are well aware of this one.

So now we have a heightened sense of awareness on simple ways to protect our families and valuable possessions. What else can we do to maximize our safety? The answer is nothing. The last thing you wanna be doing is worrying about the next time you’re gonna get robbed or a victim of home invasion. You’ve done all you can now enjoy your life.

A Few Home Burglary Facts

  • According to United States Statistics approx.  80% of all illegal building entries are through a door or window
  • When people are asked “what would be your most treasured asset to protect if intruders invaded your home?” they responded “their family and loved ones”
  • The most common type of weapon used by intruders that apply force to enter a home is a knife. When this happens almost ½ of all cases end in the home owner receiving some kind of personal injury

I hope you’ve found this information insightful and usable. Keeping you and your family safe and secure can be done with minimal effort. Follow my fifteen point checklist above and you should be good to go away on vacation, sleep well at night and not lose any valuable possessions.

Be Well,


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